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187 Visa - Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

The 187 Visa- Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme RSMS - allows employers in regional areas of Australia to sponsor overseas employees for permanent residence. This is particularly useful for employees in an occupation with a lesser skill level than their metro counterparts. This visa has three streams:

  • Temporary Residence Transition Stream - For applicants who have worked, in the same position, for their employer for 2 years while holding a 457 Visa. 
  • Direct Entry Stream -For applicants who have been nominated by their employer and who have only briefly, or never worked in Australia.
  • Agreement Stream - For 457 Visa holders who are nominated by their employer through a labour agreement.

The key requirements for this visa, which you must meet at the time the application is lodged, are as follows:

  • You are sponsored / nominated by your employer and the nomination has been approved by a Regional body. 
  • Hold an eligible visa allowing you to make a 187 application - for which the 457 Visa is one. 
  • Have the relevant diploma or trade for the nominated position, which is equivalent to at least an Australian diploma level - unless exceptional circumstances apply and the position has been certified by a Regional Authority.
  • If you need to be licensed or registered, then you must already be so (e.g. registered nurse, electrician etc.). 
  • Have been offered a full time position for a fixed term of at least two years by providing a contract confirming your remuneration, position, employment terms etc.
  • Be under 50 years old unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • Have Functional English language (IELTS average of 6.0) - there are other ways also to demonstrate your English ability. 

Note - should you obtain the 187 Visa (successful application) you must remain employed in the nominated position in the regional area for at least two years. The visa may be cancelled if you do not comply with this and complete the two year contract with your employer.

Contact us to arrange a consultation to discuss your 187 visa requirements.  Please note that we do charge a nominal fee for a consultation.

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